Via search engine optimization (SEO,) I have gotten sites to the first page of Google for their specific key words.*

Because I wanted readers for my own sites, I became obsessed with the art of SEO (search engine optimization) and became very good at it. My own sites would rank very highly. And that became the best part-I love watching a previously buried site begin rising through the ranks.

Here’s a bit about me as a person, see Webdesign and SEO/website marketing pages for that info.

I started five years ago, I’ve always enjoyed writing and love sharing information so I took up blogging. As I was unemployed, I spent hours daily- I read, studied and experimented with everything I could find on blogging, and website setup; it was a natural extension of my art and design training (MFA Rutgers U.) and much less messy! I would start and scrap blogs on various wellness topics; starting with Blogger and WordPress blogs. Then moved to self-hosted WordPress websites, which are what I recommend for small business.

When working with clients on a website:

I combine the compassion of my wellness background with the trained art eye and love of detail of a fine artist.
My teaching experience lends the ability to break down technical information, and make it understandable.
If you really want to know more about me keep reading, working with someone is a relationship after all. CONTACT ME.

I’m a Renaissance Soul (Amazon link,) check out the book if you suspect you are too. A Renaissance Soul loves to do different things and enjoys the challenge, they value the journey and learning new skills. Not in any particular order: I was a tenured art professor for six years, teaching painting, drawing and design. I’ve worked at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, as an educator. I ran my own yoga studio in the heart of NYC, early on in the yoga boom.